Greeting cards for Aron Kravits

Aron Kravits, Tel-aviv, Israel

Aron Kravits Exhibitions:

  • the Mor gallery - 2002
  • the Mediterranean Sea gallery - 2003
  • the Mansohn House gallery 2004
  • Gallery “Capricci“ Barcelona, Spain 2006
  • the New Gallery of the Institute of Arts Tel Aviv 2007
  • the New Gallery of the Institute of Arts Tel Aviv 2008
  • the New Gallery of the Institute of Arts Tel Aviv, «The big Summer kaleidoscope» 2008
  • International Art Gallery, Paris 2009
  • Museum of Archeology Jaffo 2009
  • Light House Gallery Jaffo 2009
  • Armon Ha-Natziv, Jerusalem ‘’A new look at the new country’’ 2010
  • Gallery’’ Echcol Ha Pais ‘’,Ramat Gan, Solo Exhibition 2010
  • Museum of Archeology Jaffo 2010
  • Light House Gallery Jaffo 2011
  • Light House Gallery Jaffo 2012

Pictures are in private collections and galleries of Germany ,Israel ,Spain ,USA ,Canada



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