Greeting cards for Michael Pauker

Michael Pauker (Israel)

Michael Pauker was born in 1952 in the former USSR.
In 197 graduated from the Sverdlovsk School of Art and Worked as an illustrator in a Publishing House. 
Participated in 20 exhibitions of drawings throughout the former USSR (Sverdlovsk, Moscow, Leningrad etc.).
In 1988 participated in Exhibition of miniatures and prints in Czechoslovakia and Canada (Gallery Del Bello, Toronto, 1989).
In 1990 immigrated to Israel and worked as an artist in the studio "Yanakh" with Mr Khasin, illuminating Jewish manuscripts and improving his knowledge of Jewish traditions. Participated in 2 International Judaica Exhibitions in Jerusalem in 1992 and 1994 and also in exhibitions of drawings in Bat-Yam and Ein-Hod.
Since 1994 Michael Pauker co-works with Mr Levisohn the owner of the gallery "Judaica Heirlooms", illuminating "The Passover Haggadah", "Megillat Esther", "Zemirot Shabbat" etc. 
His works can be found in many private collections in Israel, the USA, Europe and other.
Participation in 6th Biennale de Gravure à Paris, Trace 1998; "Euroart'98 : II Saló Internacional d'Artistes Contemporanis Independents', Barcelona. 
Two of his Megillas were purchased by a museum in Tennessee, USA.


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